Seniors – Orwell’s preface to Animal Farm (due Monday)


Here’s the homework for Monday:

Read Orwell’s Preface to the Ukrainian translation of Animal Farm. Remember, he wrote this after he found out the Ukrainians were reading his book, and he wrote a personal introduction just for them in which he explains why he wrote what he did. For those of you interested, here’s an article about that.

Anyway, the homework is to read the preface and answer the following three questions:

  1. According to the preface, why did Orwell write Animal Farm? (What/who was he anti-?)
  2. How do we see the answer to #1 reflected in the book? Find two passages in Animal Farm where we clearly see Orwell’s thoughts about the USSR/this person reflected in the story. (Use quotes/citations.)
  3. Look at the paragraph on page 2 that starts with “Yet one must remember that England…” Can we say the same idea applies to us in the USA today?