Resources for V for Vendetta exam

Foucault –

Plato’s Cave –

Obedience to Authority – (stop @ 4 mins)

Interpersonal – (start @ 5:30, stop @ 8:00)

Allegory of the Cave

Stanford Prison conclusion


From Discipline and Punish

Superheroes – Milgram Obedience Experiment

Today we talked about Stanley Milgram’s experiment on human obedience. Here’s the video we watched:

Tomorrow we’re going to start a few days of close reading and writing. You’ll finish with an essay but the goal is to do it in class to alleviate some homework stress. Seniors, since I have a feeling I won’t see you tomorrow, read this for Monday: Milgram. Highlight anything that you believe has to do with these three questions:

-What is obedience?
-Why are humans obedient?
How does this explain elements of our society?

Superheroes 5/9 – The Devil in V

For Thursday, please finish book 1 of V for Vendetta. It ends around page 80.

For Thursday also, we used some historical info to answer the question why even though V is our “good guy” he’s constantly put in the position of the devil/Satan/Lucifer between pages 42 and 62. The question is, why? For Thursday we’ll be showing off the paragraphs we started in class that answers this question. We used the lyrics to the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” to get the conversation started.