Journalism class, Monday 4/27 – Massachusetts open records laws

MA Open Gov guide

Click on the above link to take you to a PDF of Massachusetts open records law. Write up a one page reflection on your portion of the law. Address what your section of the law allows for (and/or prohibits) and an example of why you or someone else would seek this information.

Here are the pages you’re looking for:

Basic application – p. 3 – 8
Exemptions to the law – p. 8 -14
Categories – p. 17 – 22
Electronic records – p. 14 -16
Procedure – p. 22 -25

Open meetings

Basic applications – p. 26 – 30

For students studying how these laws apply to students in public schools and college, click on the link below. Read pages 1 -4 and the conclusion paragraph on page 8.

Click to access ferpa_wp.pdf