9A – Serial project folders

Hi 9A,

Below are folders with resources for your Serial podcasts. Click on the link to get to your secondary sources.

How to know when someone’s telling the truth



More about Jay

Flaws in the Justice System

More about Hae


9A – Serial Episode 5

Hi 9A,

Sorry I’m not here today to help with this, but you can do it without me. Here are the directions:

1. Use your phones to go to episode 5 of Serial (https://serialpodcast.org/season-one/5/route-talk)

2. You only need to listen to the first 28 minutes of the episode. The rest gets pretty boring. Sarah even says so around minute 28. (Of course, you’re  more than welcome to listen to the rest of the episode while you work if you’re interested in it.)

3) Whoever is covering class will have handed you a map with a call log on it. Use the directions to plot out the points on the map where Adnan’s cell phone would’ve been when it “pinged” the nearest cell phone tower. The directions show you how to do this, but here’s an example:

Above is cell tower L698. Let’s say the call log says Adnan sent/received a call that pinged tower L698A. The red dot is where you’d plot it because “A” = North/northeast. All these directions are written down in the map and call log you have in front of you.

4) When you’ve finished plotting the dots on the map, use the image below to corroborate Jay’s timeline of the day Hae was killed with what your map shows about the locations of Adnan’s cell phone. How do they match up with each other? (Click on the image below to make it bigger.)

Or use this link to find more clear versions of the time lines: https://serialpodcast.org/maps/timelines-january-13-1999

Do as much as you can in class today and we’ll talk about what we’ve found tomorrow. Thank you for your hard work today!