Seniors – Thursday classwork homework

Great speeches today! If you didn’t read your speech today then we’ll hear you tomorrow.

Today in class we read the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Here’s the text: Harrison Bergeron

Now, answer these two questions:
1) How does this short story connect thematically to Animal Farm?
2) The term “Orwellian” (as in based on George Orwell’s ideas) get thrown around modern day society a lot. Based on the themes of Animal Farm and the very Orwellian “Harrison Bergeron”, come up with your own definition of what “Orwellian” means.
(You probably got all this done in class.)

Post your answers in the comments section below, or write them up and give them to me in class tomorrow.

Also for tomorrow make sure you read chapter 6.

Journalism – Thursday 12/10

MA Open Gov guide
Click on the above link to take you to a PDF of Massachusetts open records law. Write up information on your portion of the law to present to the whole group. Address what your section of the law allows for (and/or prohibits) and an example of why you or someone else would seek this information. This will prepare us for tomorrow’s panel!

Here are the pages you’re looking for:

Basic application – p. 3 – 8
Exemptions to the law – p. 8 -14
Categories – p. 17 – 22
Electronic records – p. 14 -16
Procedure – p. 22 -25


For students studying how these laws apply to students in public schools and college, click on the link below. Read pages 1 -4 and the conclusion paragraph on page 8.

Journalism class: Open records

Journalists, here are the files you’ll need for today’s class:

Goddard emails

Or click below to take you to my Dropbox. Look at the Tupac, Notorious BIG, ODB and Langston Hughes FBI files or the CIA cafeteria complaints.

Pick one of these files to look through. On a sheet of paper (or typed), explain what new information you found in these files and justify why this information should be available to the public. (Or, if you can, justify why this information shouldn’t be available to the public.) Try and get this to me before class ends.


Animal Farm – Day 1

Hi Seniors,

I know many of you were on the field trip to the courthouse today, so here’s what we did in class.

In groups we read the first chapter of Animal Farm (here’s a link if you didn’t get a book yet).

Then we looked at the beginning of the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles. Communist Manifesto part 1

Below, compare/contrast three quotes from the Communist Manifesto with three corresponding parts of chapter one of the book. What’s similar? Are there differences? Explain ’em.