APSEM note cards and outline


Here’s the power point from yesterday and today about outlines, structure and notecards.
Notecard your evidence

For Thursday (or Friday, depending on snow) have all 8 of your sources (plus your two stimulus sources) on notecards.


Is the Punisher ethical?

For those of you not familiar with the Punisher outside of Civil War, here’s the trailer for the Netflix show:


With your partner, listen to the podcast about the Punisher and his value system. Take notes as you listen on the top of the handout. When you’re done, answer the four questions. Refer back to the podcast and the book Civil War in your answers to the questions.

American Literature 3/6/18 Homework

Read in you books to page 46 (the end of act 1) for Friday and answer the following questions:

  • Why do you think Parris and Hale believe the girls?
  • Do you think the girls planned this whole thing out?
  • Why do you think they are accusing those people

Be prepared to talk about them first thing in class.