Street Art for Summer Academy

Part I – Click here and here and choose one of the images to write about. Answer the following questions with as much detail as you can:

  1. What attracted you to this picture? What do you like about it?
  2. Does the subject of the picture connect to you in any way?
  3. All of these images are murals in Worcester. How does this picture connect to the city in any way?


Part II – Choose two of the muralists below to explore and answer the questions below


Diego Rivera

Natalia Rak

Eduardo Kobra

Sydney G. James


Part III – Questions:

  1. Describe this artist’s background. Who are they and where are they from?
  2. How would you (and Widewalls) describe their artistic style?
  3.  Would this artist’s art fit in in a city like Worcester? Why/why not?

Final Question

If you were draw or commission street art for Worcester, what would you want it to look like? What ideas would you want it to convey? Would it look like any of the artists we talked about in class today?

American Literature Texts for the Final

Early Poems: Mid 1700s to mid 1800s

Phillis Wheatley

Walt Whitman

Marine Corps Hymn

Legal Documents: Late 1700s

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution

Edgar Allen Poe: Early to mid 1800s

Selection from Poe Essay

Tell-Tale Heart

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Masque of the Red Death

The philosophy of composition

The purloined letter

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

Puritans: 1600s

City upon a Hill Speech

We also read Poems of Edward Taylor which I don’t have in electronic copy but I do have the book.

Crucible: 1950s

Copies are in room 11.

Barnum: 1800s

Annie Jones (bearded woman) – Wikipedia

Annie Jones- The Esau Woman

Chang and Eng — Britannica Online Encyclopedia

No Author. The Life of Joice Heth, the Nurse of Gen. George Washington, (the Father of Our Country,) Now Living at the Astonishing Age of 161 Years, and Weighs Only 46 Pounds_

Prince Randian

Remembering Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins – RN – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Summary of The Life of Joice Heth, the Nurse of Gen. George Washington, (the Father of Our Country,) Now Living at the Astonishing Age of 161 Years, and Weighs Only 46 Pounds

The real Tom Thumb and the birth of celebrity – BBC News

Zip The “What Is It_” _ Weird NJ

Barnum Greatest Show on Earth

Barnum Greatest Show on Earth2

Barnum Legend and the Man

Barnum Legend and the Man2

Barnum Poem

Barnum Portriat



Huck and Hank Go to the Circus- Mark Twain under Barnum’s Big Top

P. T. Barnum and the American Museum

P. T. Barnum in Moby-Dick.1

P. T. Barnum in Moby-Dick.2

P. T. Barnum

Spectacular Distractions – P.T. Barnum and American Modernism

Whitman Interviews Barnum

Transcendentalists: Early to mid 1800s

From “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

From Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

From Walden Chapter 1, Part 1

From Walden Chapter 1, Part 2

From Walden Chapter 1, Part 3

From Walden Chapter 1, Part 4

From Walden Chapter 2, Part 1

From Walden Chapter 2, Part 2

From Walden Chapter 5

From Walden Conclusion

Melville’s Moby Dick: 1850s

From Moby-Dick

9B Paragraphing and Stuff

Hey Guys,

Attached are files of the color-coded paragraph sheet, the Frankenstein essay with specific transitions and what not highlighted with notes, a copy of the paper outline sheet just in case you feel as though you need help with gaining more direction, and the introduction and conclusion sheet.

Also If you realized that you needed a book and didn’t grab one if you look down to the post that says for 9B AP kids there is a link to a pdf version of the book, the page numbers are slightly off but it is the same text. So use that if you need it.

Email me if you have any issues or questions:


9B at AP homework for the weekend

I hope your AP test went okay.

Bellow the link titled “Paragraphing” is a word document. The document is a graphic organizer with an explanation and example of a paragraph that is color coded. On the other side is the graphic organizer. If your group came up with a thesis statement using a theme on Thursday then use that thesis to make a paragraph (at the bottom the jessporter link is a link to a pdf of the book they are almost the same page numbers as the version we use in class. You guys have read through chapter 3).

If your group didn’t make a thesis statement then make one using one of the themes that your group talked about on Thursday. Below is a slide about how to make a thesis to help you (Thesis Statements).

Please bring this is on Monday


Thesis Statements