American Lit 12/22 – Discussing modern day segregation

Today we started off class discussing what segregation looks like today. We wrote it down on this handout: the-problem-we-all-live-with-worksheet

That work sheet also has you looking at three of our over-arching questions for the semester:
a) Where does literature reveal a disconnect between our words, actions and values as Americans?
b) What should the American government take away from American literature?
c) Is there a universal American experience or struggle?

Then we listened to “The Problem We All Live With” part 1. You can listen to it here: and you can find a transcript here:

Please listen to part 1 on your own if you missed class today. We’ll listen to part 2 tomorrow (and connect it to the questions afterwards).

Superheroes 12/22 – Deontology and utilitarianism in Civil War

Today we went over the homework from Tuesday. If you haven’t already posted it or given it to me, make sure I get it from you.

Then we looked through the book looking for deontological and utilitarian arguments from our three main superheroes: Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man. Get the quotes from  a classmate who has the notes.

Please finish Civil War for tomorrow.

Superheroes 12/20 – Utilitarianism and Deontology

Today we looked at two competing philosophies appearing in Civil War: utilitarianism and deontology. Here are the class notes: deontology-consequentialism

Then, we read the-ones-who-walk-away-from-omelas. Post the answers to the following two questions in the comments before Thursday:

1) Explain how this story can be both deontologist and utilitarian. As always, back up your opinions and ideas with quotes from the text.

2) Are you more of a deontologist or a utilitarian? How would your guiding philosophy inform your beliefs about whether or not you would stay in or leave Omelas?

Superheroes 12/13 – Starting Civil War

Today we started Marvel’s Civil War. We only read the first few pages, so if you missed class today it will be easy to catch up on Thursday. We also started class with a power point asking some very black/white philosophical and moral questions – variations of which will appear in the themes of the book. intro-to-moral-philosophies-in-civil-war

Remember, your annotated bibliography for V for Vendetta is due on Monday.