Seniors – Macbeth Lit Theory project

Hi everyone,

In case anyone doesn’t have the documents for this project, here they are:
-The short story: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and So Forth
-The explainers from Purdue (pick one lens to study): Lit theory explainers from Purdue
The rubric: Lit theory presentation rubric

We’ll start on these presentations on Monday.

Seniors – Lady Macbeth’s nightmares


Tonight, read the short 5.1 where a doctor and nurse visit Lady Macbeth while she sleeps. In the comments below, what is going on in her head? Explain why she’s acting so strangely – think back to Freud and the physical manifestation of internal desires. How do we see the real world – meaning events we’ve seen happen in the play — blend in with what’s going on in her head? As always, cite the text.


Seniors – test prep

Seniors, you’ve got that essay test tomorrow. Remember, you can use your notes, the book and any other source we’ve used in class. You’ll have two essay questions, one on fate and the supernatural in the play and the other on Macbeth’s motivation for power.

Look back at the psychoanalytic/Freudian and New Historicist lenses, and if you haven’t yet, read over the Ropp article here. I can’t stress enough that you should be reading your classmates’ posts on the blog.

Good luck!