American Literature – 2/28

A Raisin in the Sun Research Project

You are required to read an article of nonfiction or an encyclopedia entry (not Wikipedia) related to A Raisin in the Sun. After reading your nonfiction article or encyclopedia entry, you will fill out a worksheet on which you will answer questions regarding facts, interpretation, criticism, and personal opinions. You can do this alone or with a partner.

On Thursday, you will give a presentation about the nonfiction article that you have read. Include pictures in your presentation! Your presentation will be 5min long and you decide which medium you use to present your material.

I am looking forward to your presentations!

If you missed class, please contact me for more information and copies of the worksheet. (

Superheroes 2/28 – Captain Marvel and Kingdom Come

First we talked about institutions that people have put faith in over the years, either for governance, protection, leadership etc. Your classmates came up with organizations like the Salvation Army, the United Nations, banks, the FBI, the police and others. Then we talked about which of these organizations have abused the public’s trust.

We transitioned to talking a little about Captain Marvel’s background because he becomes a major character in chapter 3 and 4. Here’s the power point: captain-marvel

For Thursday, read chapter three (it ends on page 155) and answer these two questions either in the comments or on paper:

1)Explain Billy Batson/Captain Marvel’s role in the story. Compare/contrast his response to the changing era of superheroes to Superman’s. How has Lex Luthor been able to exploit Billy for his own plans?

2) Look back at the questions from the beginning of class regarding human faith in institutions. How do those questions connect to the conversation Superman and Wonder Woman have with the UN? (Look back at page 68-69 as well.)

Don’t forget to get those permission slips to me!

American Literature – 2/27

Hey everyone,

I was not able to upload your homework assignment because of technological issues. Therefore, please just read the rest of Act I Scene I of A Raisin in the Sun by tomorrow. Be prepared to discuss the content of the scene in class.

Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the delay!

Superheroes 2/17

No homework over break, but here’s what we did today:

Read to page 87. Use evidence from the text to answer these three questions:

1) There are three distinct groups in the story: the Justice League, led by Superman and Wonder Woman; the Outsiders led by Batman and the Green Arrow; and the Mankind Liberation Front, led by Lex Luthor. What are the goals of each group?

2) Why is there a “fear in the room” (Waid 70) after the Justice League gives a press conference at the United Nations?

3) Analyze the characters of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman based on what we’ve seen up to page 87. What beliefs does each one hold regarding the use force to keep or make peace, and are these philosophies in conflict with one another?

Superheroes 2/16 – Starting Kingdom Come

Today we took some notes on how religion and culture have shaped famous superheroes, Superman specifically. Here’s the power point in case you need the notes: religion-superheroes. Ignore the first slide.

Please read to p. 39 of Kingdom Come for tonight. You have two questions to answer:

1) Does knowing the religious connections before reading lead to a deeper understanding of the characters or conflicts?

2) In understanding the religious background of the characters and/or story, what unanswered questions are raised in the first chapter of the book?

American Literature – Debate on Tuesday 2/14

Hi Everyone,

Since tomorrow is a snow day, here a little reminder of what is going to happen on Tuesday. I have been planning to host a round on Tuesday, so be prepared for visitors from Clark, other UPCS teachers, and guests from other schools to attend our class.

We will be having our debate on the National Anthem. Your groups are expected to send one well-prepared expert into the debate. The remaining group members will be the audience and are expected to ask critical questions about whether or not the National Anthem and the traditions that are connected with it are outdated, and whether an update would have an effect on the country.

Keep in mind that you are required to make strong arguments. Use the stories you read and the research you did as evidence to strengthen your point. Please also be aware, that there are no “right” answers and you can show your stance from many different perspectives.

Our show master will guide us through the debate by providing essential background information on the National Anthem and pose our first questions. In the progress of the debate, the show master will support the debate by asking questions if the audience remains silent. Otherwise, he or she will moderate the turn-taking and provide structure.

For those of you who were not there last Monday, we read stories from this website:

Please read all the stories on this website and do some research on the history of the National Anthem to be prepared for Tuesday!

Assignments due:

  • At the end of the debate, I will be collecting your questions, quotes/evidence that you collected from the readings as well as research, and any other materials that you want me to look at to evaluate your work as a group.
  • I will also be collecting the first draft of your I-Search paper.
  • Please bring your Student Release Forms for video and photo material to class as well. I know you already signed similar forms for UPCS but new regulations require me to collect those forms again individually. You can decide that you do not want to have any pictures taken of yourself, but I will still need your signature on that. However, I would greatly appreciate it if you allowed me to collect photo and video material for my studies as an MAT. Thank you very much in advance and also thank you to those of you who already granted me permission!

Happy Snow Day! And I am looking forward to a lively and interesting debate!