9A 5/30 – Serial, episode 8

Hi 9A,

Please finish episode 8 tonight. Keep filling out your TONE or JAY sheet. If you need it (or if you were absent today and need to catch up), here they are: Complete the diagram of Jay 

Here’s a link to the episode: https://serialpodcast.org/season-one/8/the-deal-with-jay

9B 5/26 – Episode 1 of Serial

Hi 9B,

Glad to see you’re enjoying Serial. Over the long weekend please finish listening to Episode 1 (https://serialpodcast.org/season-one/1/the-alibi). You’re 29 minutes in (so you have 24 minutes left.

For Tuesday, make sure you have your three questions filled out in your notebook:
1)What do you already know about reporting, podcasts or murder mystery stories?2)What have you learned about this story so far? Talk about the characters and the plot.
3)What do you want to know more about? What parts of this story or characters interest you besides just whether or not Adnan is guilty? What questions do you have?

9B – Serial vocab

Hi guys,

Here’s the Serial vocab from today. Write it in your notebook if you didn’t finish today.

Law terminology

ATTORNEY = lawyer

PROSECUTION = the lawyers working for the government. They try to prove the defendant is guilty of a crime

ALIBI = Evidence that someone was elsewhere when a crime occurred

AFFIDAVIT = A written statement that the author swears is true by taking an oath

DISBARRED = A lawyer no longer allowed to practice law

Religious terminology

HIJAB = A head wrap worn by Muslims

RAMADAN = Month-long Muslim holiday, observers usually fast during the day

MOSQUE = Muslim house of worship (like a church, synagogue or temple)

Other terms

BESMIRCHED = To damage someone’s reputation

BOTCH = To ruin a plan

DUPLICITOUS = Deceitful, to trick someone

ANECDOTE = A short, amusing story about a real person or event

Seniors 5/17 – Gateway stuff (UPDATED SCHEDULE)


Email me your presentation if you’re using Power Point. Be at Clark at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Here’s the rubric one more time: SeniorGatewayRubric

Here’s the original gateway planner packet in case you’re still starting from scratch, or are stuck: Gateway planner packet

And here’s the schedule for Monday:

Time JC 101 JC 102 JC 104 JC 106
9:00 Devaunta Zac Angelica Trinity
9:20 Mariana Agustin Sara Carlos
9:40 Niko Edgar Kathleen Carla
10:00 Break Break Break Break
10:10 Alyssa Anthony Travon Luis O.
10:30 Thomas Kevin Jocelyn
10:50 Theola Eric Kieuly
11:10 – 11:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
11:50 Karla Katherine Daisy Barkhad
12:10 Mohammad Bryhannah Kiara
12:30 Le Luis A. Yasmeen Krystal
12:50 Amanda Josh Lulie Natalie
1:10 Kristal Jose Jacob Jazlynn

Try to check in with your gateway advisor once before the weekend. If your gateway is a power point please email me the file on Sunday night.

9A 5/15 – Serial Ep. 4

Tonight, finishing listening to episode 4. If you were in class today we left off with 10:35 to go. Here’s the link: https://serialpodcast.org/season-one/4/inconsistencies

Fill out the sheet with Jay’s inconsistencies as you listen.