One thought on “The Superhero in World Literature

  1. 1) Line 43- “…the Lord–God’s will–brings him to”. ‘Lord’, meaning only one being of heirarchy. In Christianity, both in 450 and 597 A.D, praying (in all cultures) to God and only God was the correct way of praying; there is only one god in Christianity.

    2) The obvious journey of the Seafarer is his journey across the seas and the hardships he faced. In lines 12-17, the seafarer speaks of how ‘man’ does not know the struggles he’s faced. However, he is also on a figurative journey: in the beginning of the poem, he is pure of mind and body. Regardless of the many obstacles he’s faced, “his spirit to fare” (Line 37), or waver. His faith in God has conquered much, and he is loyal to his Lord and resist the mind’s many desires. But towards the second half of the poem, he falters, sins, and goes against the what he believes in. And towards the end, he comes to the realization that there is “no aid to a soul full of sins in the face of God’s terror”. The seafarer has also gone on a journey of falling to temptation, and looking for forgiveness.


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