Anime 4/28 – Conclusion

To conclude our mini-excursion, please choose two Socratic seminar questions to discuss in-depth in a post under this message. Treat it as if you were in a Socratic seminar, you can also choose to respond to two posts from your peers.

Socratic Seminar questions Anime

It was truly a pleasure for me to work with you on this mini-unit and hear all your interesting ideas and thoughts on the topic!

American Literature 28/4 – Research Project Prompt

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I cannot be here for class today, so Mr. Shulkin will jump in and help you with your writing if needed.

Please work on crafting your first chapter. Remember, you want to go from broad to narrow. This is not the introduction but the first chapter of the body part of your essay. Be specific, choose an aspect of your interest that you can closely analyze by applying your lens to it. We will be working on the introduction next week.

At the end of class, please have a possible thesis statement for your work and a table of contents printed out to hand in.

Bring you first chapter to class on Monday.

Seniors – starting your gateways

Hi seniors,

In case you missed senior seminar today or had to leave early, this will get you up to speed. Watch the video, go through the four steps, and next week come to seminar with your story written out – it should only be about a page and a half or so. It’s a rough outline for your gateway presentation. We’ll add the other details later on. Don’t worry about filling out the grids on the last two pages yet.

Here you go: Gateway planner packet

American Literature 4/13 – Break Assignment

Yesterday, I gave a presentation on how to conduct successful research.

Please klick on the following link:

Research Part I

Kiara was so nice to film me, but I am having trouble uploading the videos. I will add them as soon as I have figured it out.

Please read the instructions for your break assignment carefully and contact me if you have any questions: Break Assignment

My email address is:

American Literature 4/7 – Lens Links

New Historicism – Eric, Josh, Carlos, Thomas,

Gender/Queer/Power Theory – Nereida, Desuray, Tracy, Vanna, Guyvens,

Critical Race Theory – Edgar, Mohammad, Agustin, Zack

Christian Theory  – Krystal, Angelica, Sara, Karla

Jungian Theory – Katherine, Luis, Devaunta, Kiara

Feminism – Jocelyn, Kathleen, Mariana, Miriam


American Literature 4/4 – Fishbowl Seminar

Today, we had a very successful fishbowl seminar surrounding video gaming. Thanks to Mariana for the suggestion and guidance.

If you have missed the first sessions of playing Bioshock Infinite in class, please check out this walkthrough on youtube:

You are expected to have read the text on race from Friday and also the first chapter of a research paper on Bioshock. If you need copies of the documents, please email me:

American Literature 3/31 – Bioshock Infinite

We started playing Bioshock Infinite in class. For those of you who could not attend I found a link to a walkthrough on youtube: Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough
In the background, you will hear the player comment on the things he is doing, unfortunately, I did not find a video without gamer commentary.

On Monday, we will play some more and on Tuesday we will have a Socratic seminar based on what we saw and the reading you are required to do outside of class.

Because of copyright, I cannot post the reading here, so please send me an email request if you did not get the reading yet.