Seniors: Leon Trotsky’s letter to his supporters

Wow, it’s been a while. I didn’t know you all were still looking here!

Here’s the assignment, now due Friday:

Animal Farm Response #2

Read through Leon Trotsky’s (represented by Snowball in Animal Farm) letter to his supporters after his exile from the USSR at the hands of Stalin (represented by Napoleon). Look at his specific uses of rhetoric and arguments he uses discredit Stalin’s regime.

Your response paper this weekend is to write a similar letter: what would Snowball write to his supporters from his exile? Echo Trotsky’s arguments but frame them in the context of the events that have taken place up to chapter 7 in the book. Make sure you’re using the names of the book’s characters too. (For example, who in the book would be the character equivalent of “Stalin’s press”?) Try put Snowball’s words to Trotsky’s voice. Use key words and jargon for the time period to explain the events happening on Animal Farm.


And here’s Trotsky’s letter about Stalin: Leon Trotsky letter from exile (1)