9A – Serial Episode 5

Hi 9A,

Sorry I’m not here today to help with this, but you can do it without me. Here are the directions:

1. Use your phones to go to episode 5 of Serial (https://serialpodcast.org/season-one/5/route-talk)

2. You only need to listen to the first 28 minutes of the episode. The rest gets pretty boring. Sarah even says so around minute 28. (Of course, you’re  more than welcome to listen to the rest of the episode while you work if you’re interested in it.)

3) Whoever is covering class will have handed you a map with a call log on it. Use the directions to plot out the points on the map where Adnan’s cell phone would’ve been when it “pinged” the nearest cell phone tower. The directions show you how to do this, but here’s an example:

Above is cell tower L698. Let’s say the call log says Adnan sent/received a call that pinged tower L698A. The red dot is where you’d plot it because “A” = North/northeast. All these directions are written down in the map and call log you have in front of you.

4) When you’ve finished plotting the dots on the map, use the image below to corroborate Jay’s timeline of the day Hae was killed with what your map shows about the locations of Adnan’s cell phone. How do they match up with each other? (Click on the image below to make it bigger.)

Or use this link to find more clear versions of the time lines: https://serialpodcast.org/maps/timelines-january-13-1999

Do as much as you can in class today and we’ll talk about what we’ve found tomorrow. Thank you for your hard work today!

Superheroes 1/24 – Collective unconscious homework

Here are the two questions to answer for class on Thursday:

1) Can you put “mythic elements of human experience”
and “cultural Mythology*” into your own words?

2) What would an example of “cultural mythology*” or “mythic elements of human experience” look like in today’s world? Think of some events or values/ideas that may be in our collective memory or shared experiences.

*Mythology: A collection of stories that form the basis of a culture, religion or values of a particular society or group of people

Romeo and Juliet DJ the Party

Using the packets that you have of act 1 scene 5, pick five songs, one song for each blocked off section. For each song, you need to write down the title and why the song fits that part of the scene is it the mood? the tone? a word that connects it? etc.

The songs are for the following sections:

Song 1: Romeo first sees Juliet

Song 2: Tybalt and Capulet fight over wanting to kill Romeo at the party

Song 3: Romeo and Juliet meet and kiss

Song 4: Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet

Song 5: Juliet learns that Romeo is a Montague

American Lit 1/11/18 – Literary America map

“In the United States there is more space where nobody is than where anybody is. That is what makes America what it is.” – Gertrude Stein

Today, use the Google Map above to choose a section of the United States and fill in any information you can that answers the questions. To edit the map, click on your geographical section and then click on the pen-shaped icon.

Answer each question with examples from common knowledge/prior knowledge and research. Incorporate a picture for each as well. Stretch the connotations of words; for instance, “literature” can include songs. All references can be historical or contemporary.

You’ll be sharing your ideas with the class.

Civil War parts 3 & 4 hw

  • What do you think prompted MARVEL to switch Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) from being anti-Registration in a 1990 story to pro-registration in 2007?
  • Do you think the Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA) is an appropriate response to the changing world of Marvel’s Civil War?
  • What are some connections you can make between the SHRA’s stipulations, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s powers and Captain America’s arguments against the SHRA and our world? Use quotes from the text to support your ideas.