Freshmen online texts


Here are digital formats of pretty much every major text, article or secondary source we used this year to analyze our primary texts. Use these links to help you complete your final exam review guide. Here’s a digital copy of that if you need it: 9th grade finals review 2016

Myths, Legends, Folktales and Superheroes
Brown on Masculinity (Milestone Comics, Black Superheroes and Their Fans)
Supergods excerpt on Superman and Batman
Hero with 1,000 Faces quotes (By Joseph Campbell)
Rabbi Loeb and the Golem of Prague
The story of Moses
archetypesforliteraryanalysis (Lists and examples of archetypes in stories)

Of Mice and Men
Full text online
Atque Vale
Leighton Meester on Curleys wife
Starvation Under the Orange Trees

Food Writing
Fish Cheeks
Mint Snowball
Beans (Devil’s Garden)
Eggs (Devil’s Garden)
Garlic (Devil’s Garden)
Tomato & Mandrake
Let them Eat Dog:

The Odyssey

Hero as a Visitor in Hell

Romeo and Juliet
Full text of play:

Serial full transcript