Superheroes 10/17 – God Loves, Man Kills pdf

Hi guys,

Here’s the pdf to read “God Loves, Man Kills.” god-loves-man-kills-pdf


Eventually you and your group will be presenting on how your literary theory lens applies to X-Men and GLMK. Your presentation will have four parts:

-A description/definition of the lens
-How the lens applies to the X-Men in general
-How the lens applies specifically to God Loves, Man Kills and finally
-Your conclusion

I’d like to have the presentations ready for next Thursday and Friday.

For today:

  1. Before reading GLMK with your group, read through your explainer on your literary theory lens. Ask Mr. Shulkin/Mr. Boyar for any clarifications you might need.
  2. Read part one of GLMK with your group. As you go, look for quotes/picture/ideas that you can analyze or look at through your lens.
  3. Make a plan with your group in terms of reading between now and Thursday. How far will you read? Who’s looking for what aspects of your presentation?

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