Superheroes 9/25 – Kingdom Come question

Hi guys,

Choose one of the following questions to write about for tomorrow. (This is what you started in class.) Use evidence, etc. to come to some kind of a conclusion for what you’re writing.

1) What general connections can be made between the Book of Revelation and Kingdom Come?

2) The Book of Revelation is one example of the combat myth archetype. How do the situations or characters in Kingdom Come relate to aspects of the combat myth?

3) What are some of the differences between Kingdom Come and the Book of Revelation?

4) Why is this book titled Kingdom Come? How does it connect to the Lord’s Prayer, in terms of themes

5) As a group, spend as much time deliberating this question as you did the previous four: How does this relate to Grant Morrison’s idea of “cultural mythology?”
The full Morrison quote:
“The best superhero stories deal directly with mythic elements of human experience that we can all relate to, in ways that are imaginative, profound, funny, and provocative. They exist to solve problems of all kinds…At their best, they help us confront and resolve even the deepest existential crises.”
– Grant Morrison, Supergods