9B – Serial vocab

Hi guys,

Here’s the Serial vocab from today. Write it in your notebook if you didn’t finish today.

Law terminology

ATTORNEY = lawyer

PROSECUTION = the lawyers working for the government. They try to prove the defendant is guilty of a crime

ALIBI = Evidence that someone was elsewhere when a crime occurred

AFFIDAVIT = A written statement that the author swears is true by taking an oath

DISBARRED = A lawyer no longer allowed to practice law

Religious terminology

HIJAB = A head wrap worn by Muslims

RAMADAN = Month-long Muslim holiday, observers usually fast during the day

MOSQUE = Muslim house of worship (like a church, synagogue or temple)

Other terms

BESMIRCHED = To damage someone’s reputation

BOTCH = To ruin a plan

DUPLICITOUS = Deceitful, to trick someone

ANECDOTE = A short, amusing story about a real person or event


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