Seniors 5/17 – Gateway stuff (UPDATED SCHEDULE)


Email me your presentation if you’re using Power Point. Be at Clark at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Here’s the rubric one more time: SeniorGatewayRubric

Here’s the original gateway planner packet in case you’re still starting from scratch, or are stuck: Gateway planner packet

And here’s the schedule for Monday:

Time JC 101 JC 102 JC 104 JC 106
9:00 Devaunta Zac Angelica Trinity
9:20 Mariana Agustin Sara Carlos
9:40 Niko Edgar Kathleen Carla
10:00 Break Break Break Break
10:10 Alyssa Anthony Travon Luis O.
10:30 Thomas Kevin Jocelyn
10:50 Theola Eric Kieuly
11:10 – 11:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
11:50 Karla Katherine Daisy Barkhad
12:10 Mohammad Bryhannah Kiara
12:30 Le Luis A. Yasmeen Krystal
12:50 Amanda Josh Lulie Natalie
1:10 Kristal Jose Jacob Jazlynn

Try to check in with your gateway advisor once before the weekend. If your gateway is a power point please email me the file on Sunday night.


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