Senior gateways 5/3 – Finding theme

Hi seniors,

Today we kept working through those packets from last week to find a theme. At the end of class today everyone should have been able to say “My gateway is about ________________” or even better, “My gateway is about ________________ but really it’s about ______________.”

Take a look at Agustin’s free write. See how his theme was first about taking his first AP class, but really it became about “turning fear into freedom.”

If you haven’t done your free write, do it immediately. If you have found your theme now it’s time to write out your 7 minute speech. Use the packet to get you started with beginnings, middles and ends. (Ignore the boxes on the last two pages for now.) Gateway planner packet

As always, come find me if you’re stuck or worried about falling behind.


One thought on “Senior gateways 5/3 – Finding theme

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