American Literature 3/31 – Bioshock Infinite

We started playing Bioshock Infinite in class. For those of you who could not attend I found a link to a walkthrough on youtube: Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough
In the background, you will hear the player comment on the things he is doing, unfortunately, I did not find a video without gamer commentary.

On Monday, we will play some more and on Tuesday we will have a Socratic seminar based on what we saw and the reading you are required to do outside of class.

Because of copyright, I cannot post the reading here, so please send me an email request if you did not get the reading yet.



3 thoughts on “American Literature 3/31 – Bioshock Infinite

  1. If video games can be used as a medium for expressing your opinion or stance on an issue, is censoring video games censoring or limiting your voice?


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