Superheroes 3/16 – What is allegory

Hi guys, sorry for posting this a day late.

Yesterday we worked with Dr. Seuss books to come up with a definition of “allegory.” An allegory is a story that uses symbolism to make a political or moral statement.

We talked about why it would be important to understand allegory especially when reading comic books/superhero stories.

Then we moved up to Plato and read his allegory of a shepherd who finds a powerful ring. This was the homework: Plato’s ring

American Literature 3/13 – Education in A Raisin in the Sun

Today, we read Act II Scene II of A Raisin in the Sun. We already talked about Booker T. Washington and Walter’s role in the play. There is one more part that I would like to discuss with you. In the beginning of the scene, George and Bennie are entering the room arguing about education.

How can their argument be understood and which perspective does each character have on the value of education for their lives.

Also, how does this tie in with the rest of the scene and what might Hansberry intent by having her characters argue about this topic? (Think about the time it was written in and the possible audience it was written for)

Leave a comment and answer to at least one other comment by Thursday morning.

Happy snow day everyone! Stay warm and safe!

American Literature 3/10 – I-Search due on Tuesday

Hello Everyone,

Please remember to send me your final draft of your I-Search paper by midnight on Tuesday. If you cannot send me an email, you put a hard copy in my mailbox Wednesday morning.

Make sure to attach a picture of you doing research at the library, add a work cited list, and check for proper MLA style. Refer to OWL and/or Grammarly for more information on style and grammar.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. (

Good luck!

Superheroes 3/10 – Essay due Monday

Hi guys,

I know we had a short class today, so just a refresher for Monday: you have that short essay due (here’s the rubric: Standard upperclassman writing rubric). You can write about Wonder Woman, Superman, or the connections we’ve found between Kingdom Come and the Book of Revelation. (There’s more information in the post from 3/7.)

Remember, you’re supposed to bring in outside sources we’ve used: the power points, the Nichols article on the Combat Myth, the Bowie article on Superman and the notes you got from the post-it note exercise we did with Superman. Choose at least one of these to bring into your essay.

On Monday we’ll wrap up Kingdom Come by looking at your posters.

American Literature 3/9 – A New Perspective

After hearing very interesting presentations on the context in which A Raisin in the Sun was created, did you notice differences in your way of reading of Act II Scene I as compared to prior acts?

What are some passages in this scene that might have become clearer or more connected by gaining broader background knowledge? Give examples and explain.

As always, please feel free to refer to prior comments.

Superheroes 3/9 – Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done

Today we talked about the Lord’s Prayer (“our father, who art in heaven…”) and wondered why this book would share a title with a line from it (“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”).

To help us with this we looked at specific chapters from the book of Revelation – the part of the bible where the messiah returns to earth and there is much blood shed in a war against Satan and his followers.

We’ll keep examining this tomorrow. Remember, your essays are now due on Monday, in case anyone would want to write about this instead of Superman or Wonder Woman.

Superheroes 3/7 – In class work

Hi everyone,

I can’t be in class today because I have a meeting, but you’ll be able to guide yourselves through the work today. (I may be back halfway through class.)

We’ve spent the last two or three days talking about how to make Superman an interesting and complex character, and today I’d like to do something similar with Kingdom Come’s other main character, Wonder Woman.

Please look through this power point on Wonder Woman’s history Wonder Woman and compare her to the WW in Kingdom Come. How has her character changed, and does the WW in the book betray or uphold the values originally instilled in this character?

For Friday, I’d like you to choose one of the two topics we’ve been looking at this week (Superman and WW) and write 1 – 2 pages coming to some kind of conclusion regarding our discussions.

(Some example topics: Is Kingdom Come a successful Superman story? Are WW/Superman unhinged, or in the right? Does the ending of Kingdom Come, where WW is pregnant, totally undo any feminist legacy that WW might have, or does it continue it? There’s also a question you can use at the end of the power point.)

Here’s the rubric we’ll be using for all shorter writing assignments for the rest of the year:  Standard upperclassman writing rubric