Superheroes 3/20 – Othering

Today in class we talked about “othering” – alienating a person or group of people because of the perception that they’re fundamentally¬†different. You already have an idea about X-Men as a modern day allegory, so now we’re looking at whether or not people today are using the same techniques today as we see in the book.

First, we went over the homework questions from yesterday.

Then we watched the old Twilight Zone episode “Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” which you can find here if you missed it:¬†

We talked about how this episode connects to othering, and what it might’ve been an allegory for when it was broadcast in 1951. Then, we took those same questions and applied it to our X-Men book, especially after talking about this Marvel advertisement for X-Men from the 1980s:


No homework tonight, but make sure you have some idea in your head about how we’re seeing othering and allegory in X-Men.