Superheroes 3/17 – Allegory and starting X-Men: God Loves Man Kills

Today we talked more about allegory. Allegory is a story that uses symbols to create a story with a political or social moral. In cases like the book Animal Farm, allegory allows an author to bring up a complicated idea in an easily digestible (or even hidden) manner.

We watched two film clips that illustrated how the animosity between humans and mutants in X-Men can be allegorical to racism/segregation and gay rights:


After, we started reading God Loves, Man Kills. Over the weekend, please read chapters 1 & 2. god-loves-man-kills-pdf (page 29 of the pdf).

For Monday, use evidence from class, Plato’s Ring story, and/or the book that turns God Loves, Man Kills (or its characters) into an allegory for modern times. Where do you see connections between the book and our world?


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