American Literature 3/9 – A New Perspective

After hearing very interesting presentations on the context in which A Raisin in the Sun was created, did you notice differences in your way of reading of Act II Scene I as compared to prior acts?

What are some passages in this scene that might have become clearer or more connected by gaining broader background knowledge? Give examples and explain.

As always, please feel free to refer to prior comments.

Superheroes 3/9 – Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done

Today we talked about the Lord’s Prayer (“our father, who art in heaven…”) and wondered why this book would share a title with a line from it (“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”).

To help us with this we looked at specific chapters from the book of Revelation – the part of the bible where the messiah returns to earth and there is much blood shed in a war against Satan and his followers.

We’ll keep examining this tomorrow. Remember, your essays are now due on Monday, in case anyone would want to write about this instead of Superman or Wonder Woman.