Superheroes 2/28 – Captain Marvel and Kingdom Come

First we talked about institutions that people have put faith in over the years, either for governance, protection, leadership etc. Your classmates came up with organizations like the Salvation Army, the United Nations, banks, the FBI, the police and others. Then we talked about which of these organizations have abused the public’s trust.

We transitioned to talking a little about Captain Marvel’s background because he becomes a major character in chapter 3 and 4. Here’s the power point: captain-marvel

For Thursday, read chapter three (it ends on page 155) and answer these two questions either in the comments or on paper:

1)Explain Billy Batson/Captain Marvel’s role in the story. Compare/contrast his response to the changing era of superheroes to Superman’s. How has Lex Luthor been able to exploit Billy for his own plans?

2) Look back at the questions from the beginning of class regarding human faith in institutions. How do those questions connect to the conversation Superman and Wonder Woman have with the UN? (Look back at page 68-69 as well.)

Don’t forget to get those permission slips to me!


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