American Literature – Debate on Tuesday 2/14

Hi Everyone,

Since tomorrow is a snow day, here a little reminder of what is going to happen on Tuesday. I have been planning to host a round on Tuesday, so be prepared for visitors from Clark, other UPCS teachers, and guests from other schools to attend our class.

We will be having our debate on the National Anthem. Your groups are expected to send one well-prepared expert into the debate. The remaining group members will be the audience and are expected to ask critical questions about whether or not the National Anthem and the traditions that are connected with it are outdated, and whether an update would have an effect on the country.

Keep in mind that you are required to make strong arguments. Use the stories you read and the research you did as evidence to strengthen your point. Please also be aware, that there are no “right” answers and you can show your stance from many different perspectives.

Our show master will guide us through the debate by providing essential background information on the National Anthem and pose our first questions. In the progress of the debate, the show master will support the debate by asking questions if the audience remains silent. Otherwise, he or she will moderate the turn-taking and provide structure.

For those of you who were not there last Monday, we read stories from this website:

Please read all the stories on this website and do some research on the history of the National Anthem to be prepared for Tuesday!

Assignments due:

  • At the end of the debate, I will be collecting your questions, quotes/evidence that you collected from the readings as well as research, and any other materials that you want me to look at to evaluate your work as a group.
  • I will also be collecting the first draft of your I-Search paper.
  • Please bring your Student Release Forms for video and photo material to class as well. I know you already signed similar forms for UPCS but new regulations require me to collect those forms again individually. You can decide that you do not want to have any pictures taken of yourself, but I will still need your signature on that. However, I would greatly appreciate it if you allowed me to collect photo and video material for my studies as an MAT. Thank you very much in advance and also thank you to those of you who already granted me permission!

Happy Snow Day! And I am looking forward to a lively and interesting debate!


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