Superheroes 1/23 – What gives a superhero “staying power?

Today was the first day of class. Welcome!

We started off talking about why some superheroes have “staying power” – that is, what makes some stick around while others fail?

For tonight, choose a hero (super or not) and check off which boxes on this archetype list apply: Archetype checklist

When you’re done, answer the two questions on the back. Remember, we talked about “cultural mythology” as what values, ideas, symbols, pop culture and struggles are relevant to our lives. You can post your answer here or hand it to me tomorrow.


One thought on “Superheroes 1/23 – What gives a superhero “staying power?

  1. 1) Think about the popularity and longevity (what we’ve been calling “staying power”) of the hero your group chose. Which archetypes checked off above do you think most contribute to your heroes longevity and why?
    Our group hero is the joker, we checked off the story archetypes of 1. The quest for vengeance because the joker is actually on a quest to right past wrongs done to him and hes doing it with senses of evil and twists and tricks. the second we checked off was 2. The search for love/damsel in distress, the jokers girlfriend who he brainwashed to have the same mentality as him gets caught as they both complete a crime together. The joker loves his girlfriend and now hes on a fight to free his girlfriend. The last archetype were checked off was 3. The grail quest, the joker seeks to perfect his mentalities of evil and hes not stopping with every step, he continues to go but there are some set backs that slow him down to do just that, but he eventually has a goal to do tricks and mind games on people his very own way.


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