Superheroes 12/1 – Panopticon continued

Today we continued on applying some basic ideas of French philosopher Michel Foucault to V for Vendetta, specifically his idea of the panopticon. We watched this clip in class today:

In class we wrote about these questions:

1) How is the world V describes to Evey on pages 167 to 173 a version of the panopticon?

2) What do you think about V’s characterization of happiness? Do you think it aligns with Michel Foucault’s idea of imprisonment?Extending that thought: was V’s torturing of Evey justified? (Think about the rabbit metaphor from page 94.)

3) Does Eric Finch finally figure out how to break out of the panopticon on page 214-215? Is he in the same kind of prison that V describes on pages 167 – 173? (And is this the same kind of panopticon that Foucault describes?)


Hand it to me tomorrow. This should be about a page in length.

I apologize for not posting the reading on here from Monday and Tuesday. For Friday read to page 237. 


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