Superheroes 11/21 – “Vicious Cabaret”

Today we looked at the song that is the prelude to book two called “Vicious Cabaret.” We connected it to two Shakespeare quotes about how life is like a play. You can see the instructions here: shakespeare-and-vicious-cabaret-lyrics-lesson. If you missed class today make sure you do this classwork at home so you have stuff to work with tomorrow.

After writing about whether or not drama is a good metaphor for life, we looked at the lyrics to “Vicious Cabaret”.

Then we watched these three clips from the movie “Cabaret”, which takes place in Germany just as the Nazis are coming to power. The club in the movie has a very similar name to the club we’re going to see soon in the book, so we know there’s some connection here.

We ended class writing with you connecting the book and the song lyrics to the video clips. Basically, we want to know how is the fascist England of “V for Vendetta” like a “vicious cabaret”?

We’ll start with that tomorrow as we read the next chapter in class, which also takes place in a cabaret.

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