Superheroes 11/18 – Metaphors

Today we did some in class writing: evey-and-the-rabbit. We focused on incorporating evidence in your sentences, so please do it over the weekend. You can hand this in on Monday on a sheet of paper.

For homework, take a look at V’s speech over the state controlled TV station. The directions are on this sheet: v-ntv-speech. This should be done on the blog.

8 thoughts on “Superheroes 11/18 – Metaphors

  1. 2. Based on V’s speech to the people, broadcast across the UK, V chooses to bring up a moment in history when dictators and bad leaders were elected, “We’ve had a string of embezzlers, frauds, liars, and lunatics making a string of catastrophic decisions.. but who elected them?,” (116, 3). The metaphor I believe in that is throughout the years of history there has been awful leaders such as Hitler or Mussolini that were elected to lead the country and we have seen everyone either complain about how awful of a leader they are or the things to choose to do are not fair, but who were the ones that elected them? Us. The metaphor V tries to make is that the time they are in right now with fascism currently going on is what they are going through. Immigrants, atheist, homosexuals, and so on are being taken away to concentration camps because of the people they have elected. They gave them the power to do this, to make decisions for us, whereas they do not have “the spine,” (117, 6) to do something about it where V is now giving them one last chance to do something about it.


  2. The “Company” that V keep’s bringing up is referring to people but as a whole and this is due to the Company having been through many things including besides war but inventions which helps the company with prolonging it’s progress. V is upset due to the Company/ collective mind of ours not seeing that we have powerful voices that could help go against the fascist government that already set due no one wanting to take action because they are already overwhelmed by the system that was put in place. This company also led to the corruption of lady justice who V once admired but due to fear no one tried to prevent the perverse change of justice and into a one ended sword pointed at the people that make the society in place.


  3. According to the speech that V Broadcast across the united kingdom, he’s trying to tell the people that they were being taken as fools. Thus it is time for them to wake up to realize the reality. “ you see you’ve been standing still for far long , And it’s starting to show in your work (115,3)”. V is attempting to open peoples eyes to realize that destruction that they are allowing to happen. He destroys the parliament to get peoples attention also destroy The whole totalitarian society that is taken control of the people. The metaphor that V is making is that the people are focus too much in their own interest and not seeing the government controlling their life. V is trying to show the people that the government manipulated them little by little like an asymptote reaching zero. But in this case the government is trying to reach a complete control over the people by taking away their rights.


  4. 1. The first time V mentions the word “company”, in the line, “Oh, I know, I know. You’ve been with the company a long time now”, he is taking the perspective of your superior, it is as if London was the worker and V was the boss. The way V describes London, he uses the words “I’m not entirely satisfied”, the word “I’m” would normally imply that V was displeased with London, but in the following line, he uses the word “we’ve”, based on the plurality of the word implies that he is conveying a group of people’s opinions on the issue, not just his own. Therefore, the word company refers to the people.

    Relating back to the first line where he mentioned the word “company”, this is an extended metaphor connecting back to the social contract theory with John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. The Declaration of Independence was based on Locke’s ideas hence the phrasing “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, he emphasized that government can only exist through the consent of its people and Hobbes emphasized that government exists to protect its people and without government it would be anarchy. Moore (for the most part) shows a parallel to these ideas in “V for Vendetta” by showing what it would be like if a cult took over, in case the gangs take over, and a government is put in place without the consent of the people, a government in which they do not protect its people or its interests as shown by the opening scene with how roughly the police officers handled Evey. V’s character is an embodiment of Hobbes’ idea of anarchy. V is a vigilante, he is a person outside of the law and every time the “law”, in other words the fingers try to apprehend, V is always one step ahead and gets away. This scenario signifies that the government in this universe can’t establish order shown their failures to stop V. Without order there is chaos and where there is chaos, anarchy would follow. The people in the novel are beginning to see the government can’t get the masked vigilante problem under control with the House of Congress being destroyed, a bishop being assassinated and now the TV broadcast, and once that happens they will begin to see the government as not competent for the job. This would show the government losing its control over the people and as a result, creates anarchy.

    2. Page 117 Panel 5

    “You have allowed them to fill your workspace with dangerous and unproven machines. You could have stopped them”, is similar to the decision made by President Franklin Roosevelt and President Truman, Albert Einstein sent a letter telling President Roosevelt, he was on the verge of creating powerful and destructive weapon (the Atomic Bomb). Your workspace is a reference to an idiom, “right in your own backyard” because that was basically what President Roosevelt did, he allowed Einstein to build the bomb in secret so the bomb was made without many people knowing it. President Roosevelt died before he can see its use so the decision was past down to President Truman, it was his decision whether to use the weapon, he could have said no and the weapon would never have seen the light of day but he permitted its use and countless lives were lost and its effects persists even to this day.


  5. 1. V’s broadcast begins as he is considering firing his audience. He admits they’ve been with “the company” for about ten thousand years and that they have done some very good work. But he reminds them that there have also been problems. Namely, they don’t seem to want to face up to any real responsibility, and “have accepted without question their senseless orders,”(117,5). I think the company is the gov’t because V blames the people for electing these individuals into positions of power. He says “the constant bickering on the factory floor has not escaped my attention,” and gives the entire human race two years to shape up or risk termination.

    2. “We’ve had a string of embezzlers, frauds, liars and lunatics making a string of catastrophic decisions.This is a plain fact. The pictures show Hitler and 3 other leaders who have inhumanly hurt other people. Which connects to when he was talking how it is the peoples’ fault for choosing these horrible leaders who have been turned down repeatedly in favor of war.


  6. In Vs speech he sort of attacks the government saying how over the years it continues to get worse and it’s not progressing. Resembling the company to the government how they are there for a short amount of time before it gets taken down. I saw it as they are company into someone’s home, company sometimes come over and it’s only for a short time sometimes dictate what’s going on and are treated highly and this is what the government is like until they are supposed to leave. In addition V talks to the people of London calling them fraud being they are the ones who elected the government, “We’ve had a string of embezzlers, frauds, liars, and lunatics making a string of catastrophic decisions.. but who elected them?,” (116, 3). This is also why I believe the government is the company.


  7. 1) The company that V keeps referring to are the people of the city. The way V works is he believes he is the speaker and the voice of the people, this is why he refers to them as company. I also believe he uses the word company to show the people he is on the side and don’t believe how the media and the officials depict him.
    2) One of the metaphors we can talk about is when V chooses to use the word company. He uses the word company in a metaphorical in a way to talk about the people of the city. He uses company to show the people he is on there side


  8. The “Company” that V keep’s bringing up is referring to people but as a whole and this is due to the Company having been through many things. the argument v Is trying to make is that over the years the government has been getting worse and V had enough of it which is why he is rebelling.


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