American Lit 11/17 – Your People

Today we started a two part project (the second part will come later) about “your people.” For tomorrow, you’re going to present a map that shows us 1) where “your people” are or were, and where you’d go to discover more about yourself or your identity (just like Milkman).

Here’s the rubric for this:

Your People, Your Identity Narrative

“Milkman smiled and let his shoulders slump a little. It was a good feeling to come into a strange town and find a stranger who knew your people. All his life he’d heard the tremor in the word: ‘I live here, but my people…’ or: ‘She acts like she ain’t got no people,’ or: ‘Do any of your people live there?’ But he hadn’t known what it meant: links” (Morrison 229).

Part I: Make a map of at least five locations (locally or globally) where you have people: links, places that shaped your family’s identity, places you’d go to find your own identity. Each of these locations should be annotated with information about how it relates to you. This can be done on a Google map or on a physical map.

Locations Annotations Presentation
Your map has at least five locations where you have “people” or would be a significant location for discovering your identity or history (5 points) Each location on the map is color coded and annotated with why it’s relevant to your life, history or identity. (5 points)

Map is presented to the class in a way where we learn about your history, people and your burgeoning identity. (5 points)

If you can’t figure this out here’s step by step instructions to get an editable Google map:

Also, you can use to check where else in the world you may have people, and for some of you, what your name means.

Here’s my map example:


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