Superheroes 10/30 – Resources for literary theory presentations

Hi Superhero Class,

Here are a bunch of resources for your literary theory presentations. We’ll be working on these Monday and Tuesday with presentations for Thursday/Friday. We’ll draw cards to see who’s presenting what days.

If you’re reading this and for some reason don’t have a group, see me first thing when class starts tomorrow to get assigned to one.

First, here’s my example from Friday: new-historicism-and-xmen

Here’s the rubric. Remember, most of you graded my own presentation somewhere between a B- and a B+ according to our rubric: lit-theory-presentation-rubric-xmen

Here are brief explainers for each school of literary theory. These are just to provide you with some background knowledge. You’ll be expected to do outside research for your presentations. lit-theory-explainers-from-purdue

As for outside research, here are two links for you:
-Here’s one to Clark’s library. I’d use places like Academic OneFile and Jstor to start. You’ll need a Clark ID to get in:
-You all have Worcester Public Library cards now through school, so use their page to access databases as well. Here’s a good place to start:

Here are some resources for your works cited page. This is for electronic sources, which I’m guessing most of you will be using for this project:

Good luck!