Superheroes 10/3 – Allegory and X-Men

Today we talked about allegory. Allegory is a story that uses symbols to create a story with a political or social moral. In cases like the book Animal Farm, allegory allows an author to bring up a complicated idea in an easily digestible (or even hidden) manner.

We watched two film clips that illustrated how the animosity between humans and mutants in X-Men can be allegorical to racism/segregation and gay rights:


Finally, for homework read the article on Post-Humanism. (I don’t have a copy for online right now.) Stop at the “Maximum Headroom” subhead. In the comments below explain:

  1. Is this a fair allegorical comparison? Do post-humans suffer the same kind of alienation that mutants (or even African Americans, gays, immigrants or any other minority group of people) do?
  2. What is your stance on this real life “homo superior”? Do you think humans should look to post-humanism as the future of our species? Or is post-humanism something to be wary of?