Superheroes – 9/8 Beowulf continued

Today we continued reading Beowulf in class, getting to line 650. We paused on Beowulf’s big speech on page 13 to address the following question:
–What are the values of the Danish and Geat societies, and where do we see these qualities in our hero, Beowulf?

*As always, use evidence from the text.

For homework:
Read the next two sections: The “The Feast” and “The Troll-Wife Avenges Grendel.” This will bring you to line 910. Here’s a pdf of the text: beowulf


American Lit. 9/6

We started reading the first 27 pages of Death of Salesman today and made a list of images/symbols/ideas that represent the American Dream that we also saw in “Paradox and Dream” and Sen. Booker’s speech. Come find me tomorrow if you missed the reading.

American Lit. 9/1

Today we worked in groups led by a senior looking at Steinbeck’s “Paradox & Dream.” If you’re here to check if there’s homework tonight, there’s not. We’ll finish up the reading and the response in class tomorrow.

Superheroes 9/1 – The Seafarer

Hi everyone,

1 Strength through humility

Today we began some pre-Beowulf reading. We discussed how British culture changed in 450 AD and again in 597 AD as the Norse (vikings) invaded and their religious culture mingled with the growing Christianity.

Here are the notes in case you need more details: Brit Lit context clues. Just use the 450 AD and 597 AD slides.

To really see this change, we read the poem “The Seafarer,” which shows the blending of Norse and Christian cultures. Here’s the poem if you need it.

Tonight, and in the comments, I’d like you to answer these three questions:

1) Where do we see elements of both 450 AD era British religious/cultural ideas and post-597 AD British religious and cultural ideas?

2) Describe the two journeys happening here. The seafarer talks about the hardship of a life on the sea, but what figurative journey is he on as well? How do they compare to each other?