Superheroes 9/21 – Kingdom Come chapter 3

For tomorrow make sure you have finished chapter 3 (that p. 154) of Kingdom Come. In the comments below, I’d like your write ups of the differing philosophies of Superman and Wonder Woman. As always, use quotes that illustrate the different tactics both would take to restore peace and order to the meta-human world.


12 thoughts on “Superheroes 9/21 – Kingdom Come chapter 3

  1. In Kingdom Come, Superman’s philosophies of guiding the lost evil differ greatly from Wonder Woman’s idea of harboring it. The first example of this is very clear on page 79: “Diana, take a breath. They’re not evil, they’re just misguided” Superman says to Wonder Woman. He’s quelled the anger he once felt and once again stand on the figure for justice and guidance. However, Wonder Woman’s angered response draws the line between their ideas: “How badly? If they want to act like warriors…I’ll show them war”. This, along with her later plan for jailing the vigilantes shows that she believes the time for guiding the lost meta-humans just isn’t now. There is a war that has priority over those who want to pretend to be something they’re not.


    • Superman believes that everyone even villain’s can change no matter who/ what they done, that’s probably why he brought Magog for killing the Joker yet the world changed and sees villain deserve death, Superman’s views are old fashion page 151 we see his conversation with batman still shows that he believes “The deliberate taking of human even super human life goes against every belief I have..”, he avoids killing because not only since its immoral but since he plants hope in them trying to change. But Wonder woman has witness the change when Superman presence was absent she wasn’t behind a screen like Kal. She was given the duty to help change mankind for the better, as an Amazonian she is a warrior but also brings peace, that’s why in page 150, she says “attention this is your last warning..abandon your activities and surrender or face the consequences.” She gives a chance since it is her duty to help humanity but if they don’t follow she will take down those who will impede that progress, like a dictator but with a bit more leverage and freedom. She has lost faith on humanity a bit mostly the criminals, but Superman built the Gulag as a correctional facility its there to not imprision but to improve the actions taken by the superhumans, as seen in page 116, he uses the words”there is rights and wrongs.”, he would waste preaching this to villain’s unless he knew they lacked guidance, we find out he helped guide Robin to take the mantle which gives him the evidence that anyone can change if there given the cast to mold them in. Lastly, page 125 Kal and Wonder woman are talking on the green Lanterns space base, she says,”Kal, we are warriors, we have an obligation to combat.” which is true, to defend those in need but Superman brings in “Given who we are, Diana…given the power we possess…we have a greater obligation to keep the peace.” Essentially saying yes we can defend those in need but without resorting to conflicts that lead to bloodshed.


  2. When it comes to SuperMan’s beliefs, he thinks that the way to stop the future is having the old ways of being a hero. He doesn’t want anybody to die in his hands, even if they are a villian.

    On the other hand, Wonder Women wants to just stop the war ANY WAY POSSIBLE. This is a contradiction to SuperMan’s beliefs but that’s just how one would know she’s passionate about doing what’s right, and restoring order to the Chaos.

    Superman’s views are more like what “The right thing to do” is.


  3. Super man and Wonder Woman have vastly different ways of handling the other meta humans. On page 37 Superaman says ” Through peaceful means…” as Wonder Woman says ” …By whatever Means necessary.” Superman believes that everyone should be treated fair even if they’ve committed crimes , opposed to the Amazons ideology of ” ..peace through strength” (page 125)
    Super man believes in right and wrong but Wonder Woman just wants to maintain control.


  4. Superman’s philosophy is shown to be different from Wonder Woman when dealing with the metahumans. Superman carries the belief that every life is precious and every human being have a choice into changing for the better. “The deliberate taking of human– even superhuman– life goes against every belief I have– and that goes for you,” (p. 151). Going back to the biblical time, he is portrayed as Jesus because he avoids killing and believes people can change being seen as the symbol of hope and spreading the word of the good. Whereas with Wonder Woman, she has a limit to where she can handle sparing ones life until she chooses to give an ultimatum for them “Attention! This will be your only warning! Abandon your activities an surrender or face the consequences,” (p. 150). She does show a little care for humanity where she gives them a choice to surrender or face the consequences, but shows a bit of a soldier side where she has a mission to accomplish and will do anything to complete the mission and save the innocent even if it means she has to resort to a bloody battle between good and evil.


  5. In the graphic novel Superman and Wonder Woman have different philosophies of how they want to handle the prisoners. Superman wants to go with the peaceful approach with the situation “the deliberate taking of human life goes against everything I belief I have.” This shows how Superman wants to avoid violence and wants to put the super humans on a different path. But with Wonder Woman she takes the different approach with giving the super humans an ultimatum “by whatever means necessary.” Wonder Woman wants to take the approach with handling things with violence and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s where they differ Superman wants to be peaceful at all cost and Wonder Woman wants to do whatever it takes to get their job done


  6. superman and wonder women have very different ways/beliefs of how they deal with the metahumans. super man believes that killing people is not the answer and there are better ways of handling those bad situations. “The deliberate taking of human even super human life goes against every belief I have and that you have.” (pg.151) I believe that superman is saying that every human life is worth living even the villains and that taking that away goes against everything that he has worked for to get to where he is. wonder women believes that anything should be done in order to stop all of the bad situations. “By whatever means necessary.”(pg.136) wonder women is saying that if you need to stop the villains by killing them that should be what you have to do and she wants to take care of everyone and everything with violence. superman and wonder women have to very different beliefs.


  7. Superman and Wonderwoman have the motive to protect the civilians and keeping the world safe. But they both have different mindsets as to how they will protect their civilians. Superman believes in justice for all people, wheater you are a villain or not. “There are lines we do not cross! We have rules!” (pg 116). He believes the morals rights for humanity and therefore he would end the Armageddon with the most peaceful way without killing anyone (if possible). In the other hand, Wonderwomen would cross over the line in order to protect the people. “We’re going to confront the prisoners and give them an ultimatum. They must surrender. And if they refuse? Then it’s war” (pg146). She is a powerful, strong-willed character who would never back down from a fight or a challenge and is obligated to start a war.


  8. The biggest difference between the philosophies of Superman and Wonder woman would be that Superman show’s compassion while Wonder woman does not. When the prisoners killed Captain Comet on page 146, Wonder woman said ” We’re going to confront the prisoners and give them an ultimatum. They must surrender… Then it’s war” (pg. 147). Then Superman replied with ” but you can’t have war with people dying” (pg. 147). In both of those quotes, it shows that Wonder woman just wants to get the job done even if their is death, while Superman wants to get job without killing anyone. he wants to keep as many people safe while Wonder woman does not really care about the others/ villains.


  9. Superman’s belief is that they should protect everybody metahumans and normal humans, whereas Wonder Woman she seeks only to protect humans, as seen on page 93,”Diana, you have changed…And I don’t like what you’re asking me to do. I’m not used to forcing others to follow my lead. Now I’m supposed to jail those who won’t? To act as judge and jury against our own kind? That’s a fascistic line, Diana”, said Superman, “Then get read to cross it. we are at war, Kal,,, And we will take prisoners. We will have to. They’re not our kind. We’re protectors of humanity. They are barely human.” Wonder Woman views herself and the Justice League as above those that are not. She is more as Superman stated of a fascist leader, she seeks to bring world order above all, even if it means under the totalitarian rule of the Justice League, whereas Superman leans more towards the republic ideology, where the state is not as important as the people that resides within. Superman views the people as the most thing above all. This is further supported by their conversation on page 125, “The amazons believe in peace through strength… Kal, We are warriors. We have an obligation to wage combat”, Wonder Woman said, “Given who we are, Diana … Given the power we possess… We have a greater obligation to keep the peace”. This conversation shows how Wonder Woman, is willing to go great lengths including violence to keep the “peace” or order. Superman finds that it is more important to keep peace through peace. Peace is by definition freedom from violence and maintaining the tranquility, meaning Superman believes in maintaining peace through non-violence. This is summed up by page 77,”Whenever possible,Superman negotiates peace. Whenever impossible, he enforces it…”, and page 89, “As on their home territory, Superman’s army begins to meet with success more infrequently. Most metahumans fall into line at the mere sight of the man from Krypton. Many do not. Clearly, each rebellion further frustrates him.” At times Superman does resort to violence but that is his last resort and even then, he pains him to do because it goes against his beliefs. If possible Superman tries to settle things peacefully. Wonder Woman is shown to be more rash, as shown on page 136, when the prisoners were going berserk. Superman tried to settle things by “peaceful means”, opposed to Wonder Woman’s willingness to do “whatever means necessary”. She is like the embodiment of shoot first and ask questions later, she just reacts not thinking about whether that is the right or wrong answer.


  10. Superman and Wonder Woman come to a cross path when it comes to disciple and how to treat human kind. For example superman is more compassionate and fixated on his older methods of handling these types of situation as for diana she believes that times have changed and there has to be change when it comes to dealing with metahumans. In page 146, superman states ” there are lines we do not cross! We have rules!” Showing us that superman has his own way of handling things because he believes that is the most efficient way of saving and protecting everyone. As for Diana she tries to adapt to the time now and find a different method to handling things which may seem darker and go against superman moral. In page 147 diana responds to kal by saying,” we’re going to confront the prisoners and give them an ultimatum. They must surrender,” showing the two perspectives diana has changed and adapted to the difficult times they are living in because she feels that, that more brutal and harsh method will work. As for kal, superman believes the older more compassionate and heroic method will work and they have to stick to that because it is sacred and the true definition of what a hero is to protect everyone from any harm.


  11. Superman and Wonder Women both have different thinking when it comes to protecting people for example he believes in protecting meta-humans and regular normal humans where Wonder Women believes in jailing them .when she states to Superman “Then get ready to cross it, we are at war, and well take prisoners “.This shows her way of thinking isn’t peaceful as Superman because she wants to jail them while Superman doesn’t believe in jailing but to make peace. She is more of a dictator where she wants world order under the Justice League while Superman likes a world where people could live in freedom and peace but Wonder Women also doesn’t want orders made in peace but in threats where she is willing to jail who ever. In general Superman is a compassionate peaceful person while Wonder Women wants to do whatever is necessarily to get what she wants no matter if its through violence and destruction .


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