Superheroes 9/16 – Beginning Kingdom Come

Today we discussed a bit about the combat myth as it relates to Batman/Joker, Beowulf/monsters and God/Satan. Then, we started reading our first graphic novel, Kingdom Come.

For homework: finish chapter 1

Look back at this quote from the Batman/Joker Combat Myth article:

“In his discussion of sky and storm gods in Patterns in Comparative Religion, Mircea Eliade points out that, whether it is Zeus atop Mount Olympus or thousand-eyed Indra in his heavenly realm, such deities are often the watchful guardians of the moral order and the administers of retribution upon transgressors.”

In the comments of the blog, answer the following:
-Who is the Yahweh of the story? Use quotes from the book to establish why.
-Draw connections between this character and God/Jesus
-Why does Norman expect an Armageddon?

14 thoughts on “Superheroes 9/16 – Beginning Kingdom Come

  1. The Yahweh of the story would have to be Superman. This first was established when Wonder Woman told Superman “Kal, please. Our generation takes its lead from you. We always have. you must face this. if you don’t, neither will the rest of us” (page 38). This quote shows that every super hero is waiting for him to take the lead again, so they can follow him once again. Another moment that showed Superman is the Yahweh was when he came back to Earth and showed himself in front of civilians while stopping evil. Everyone looked up to him and he did something that only he can do. He brought hope.
    Superman and Jesus are very alike in this story. Jesus was a leader, he had people follow and he brought hope to the people. By pulling out miracles like giving a blind man the ability to see again, and curing other people from other diseases and saving them from dead. He also sacrificed himself to safe humans from their sins but this made people loose control and had his followers lost. When he came back after death; it was the moment when he gave the people the most hope. Superman in the other hand did something very similar to Jesus. He left Earth because of something bad that happened to the people he loved. While he was gone, his fellow super heroes (his followers) were lost, they didn’t know what to do which caused a lot of chaos back on Earth. Since the super villains were out of control. However, when he came back, he brought hope back to his people and to his fellow super heroes. Showing everyone that he is ready to lead his people again and to be “our” savior.
    Norman expect an Armageddon because he believes that this is the only way to bring peace back to Earth. The Armageddon is a final battle between good and evil before the day of Judgement. The day the of Judgement is the day the Earth and sky will be on a uproar, the dead will rise from their graves, and Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead. This means that they need this final battle to settle the disputes between evil and good, and since Superman is being referred to as a god/ Jesus, I will make the prediction that he will be the one to give judgement to both evil and good, and he will be the savior of the Earth. He will be the one to control this situation.


  2. The Yahweh of the story, or is being set up to be is Superman, who is seen as a leader and someone everyone else will follow as told by Wonder woman, “Kal, PLEASE. OUR generation takes it’s lead from YOU. We always HAVE. You MUST FACE this. If YOU don’t, neither will the REST of us..and it JUST GOES ON.”(38) Superman is shown as wise and a leader amongst the older and allstar heroes, and Wonder woman knows that if he does face it everyone else will follow with courage. Just like Jesus was seen as a leader after showing his abilities and not just a carpenter. Both need to do so little to have a mass of followers due to there strengths, but seems like Superman is refusing this role due to a unknown person Magog, who is by her description, “Out of control.” Magog could possible be seen by speculation as the Judas or betrayer of tis story to superman who instead of costing his life like Jesus, cost him his wife and parents lives. They are both seen as symbols of hope, beacons of light, which in this world is a lot. Superman also acts as God not interfering but staying behind the side lines watching how things go as seen in the artwork of page 36, he is watching without interfering maybe due to him interfering could lead to a disaster which happened between him and Magog. Norman expects an apocalypse because he sees the figure of hopes have been corrupted by there own pride leading to fights amongst the heroes and the mockery of those who should be seen as heroes on page 18 with the man in the green lantern costume, mocking at the heroes personage or one that heroes before use to have. He does talk about a final battle, like a judgement day between the forces of good and evil, and he will witness it and then become the judge of good and evil, like being the hero in the shadows.


  3. The Yahweh in this story is shown to be Superman. This was first shown when Wonder Woman comes to see Superman pleading with him to come back. “Kal, please our generation takes its lead from you. We always have. You must face this, if you don’t neither will the rest of us..” (38). This quote shows that everyone looks up to Superman and awaiting for his arrival to help save them from the upcoming destruction. This leads to the next part where Superman is seen as Yahweh when he appears to rescue the civilians and finally showing himself again.
    This connects back to both God/Jesus because they both represent the idea of good and the idea that they will come back to save them from judgement day. Superman’s return is shown to represent the second coming of Jesus where he saves everyone from evil, but knowingly for Norman he knows that Armageddon has only just begun which goes the same for the second coming of Jesus. Jesus comes to save everyone from the destruction of Satan and has only yet to come to begin the battle. Without God/Jesus to be around (spiritually, not physically), their followers would be lost and slowly lose hope. This becomes the same thing for Superman, after he has left everyone began to lose hope after the villains begun their destruction, but as soon as he came back they look up to him as their savior.
    Norman expects and Armageddon because he knows that in order to help restore peace in this world there has to be a big final battle between good and evil just like what is soon to be expected in the Bible. Since Superman is being referred to as God/Jesus, he is in this reference the Second Coming of Jesus and will be the only one to help bring peace back into Earth fixing the whole situation.


  4. Agustin Rac

    The Yahweh in the story is superman. This is due to the fact that Diana the random girl came to superman asking for his return to save the world. “ Kal please our generation takes its lead from you we always have. You must face this if you don’t neither will the rest of us and it just goes on”(p 38).This clearly shows that every human being are depending on superman. Therefore it seem that people’s hope are on him that he is the only one that is able to stop this destruction that is going on. Superman it relates to Jesus Christ because Jesus came to to lead and save world then before he died the promise that he will come back again to save the world as God has planned it. Therefore at the end of chapter one superman came back to stop all the destruction that are going on. This arrived of superman shows as a image of how Jesus Christ will return one day to save the world.
    The last line of chapter one its shows how people start to realized that the judgement just start “ it’s just begun “(p 55). There are many happy faces and many sad faces this reminds of the revelation in the bible and how it talks about the return of Jesus and explain how there are going to be people sad and happy depends on what you had done on earth for the grace of God. This mean the separation of good and evil would happen and people are going to be judge based on their goodness.

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  5. The yahweh in this story is superman. In page 38, when diana visits kal she says ” our generation takes its lead from you. We always have.” This shows that superman is a leader and an idol to those of mankind, as they look up to him for protection and guidance. Then diana goes on by saying,” you must face this. If you don’t neither will the rest of us…. and it just goes on,” this also shows that superman is the worlds last hope, that without him they will perish. Superman also relates to Jesus, as Wonder Woman goes to seek out superman to come back to help out humanity, is like Jesus. When Jesus was on earth he had the ability to help those who needed it the most, curing the ill and protecting those of this world like superman he too protects the humans and even sacrifices his life for them like Jesus.
    Norman expects an armamgedon because everyone believes there is peace in the world. Although before there can be peace there will be a final battle between those of evils and good like juan in revelations he talked about visions of what’s to come to the world although not in the literal sense he explained how there would be a battle between good and evil metaphorically, and that Jesus would come again and like superman Wonder Woman hopes he would come back again to save the world.


  6. With the way the story is setting up, the Yahweh of this story is Superman. With the world slowly spinning out of control, on page 51, Norman says,” ‘If any of us are to survive… any of us… now more than ever… We need hope’ “. In times of crises , people tend to pray for hope and for God to answer their prayers. On page 53-54, when all hope was lost, the person that answered their prayers was Superman, coming in to save the day. So we can see that Superman is a god-like figure in the comic. On page 38 and 40, ” ‘Kal, please. Our generation takes its lead from you. We always have. You must face this. if you don’t, neither will the rest of us’…’The shock of seeing Superman suddenly abandon his never-ending battle took an immeasurable toll on his contemporaries, his peers. Some, their spirit stripped chose Superman’s path and retired’ “, as you can see from these quotes, Superman is this leader that many others put their faith in (a.k.a. God), and when he retired, his followers quit their jobs and followed his example, leading the world to eventually fall into chaos. Superman brought hope and order to an otherwise lawless world, man could not handle the super powered villains on their own. Superman is similar to Jesus because both sought to bring people salvation and peace of mind. Jesus came to save the people from their sins and Superman came to protect and bring hope to the people.
    Since Superman’s departure, there seems to be a new world order that has taken root, since Chapter 1 closes with Superman’s return, now there are two ideologies, those that follow Magog and his new regime and those that follow Superman and his old regime. Often times when there are two different ideologies, they conflict and leads to dispute and violence. Since Armageddon is the final battle between good and evil, when Norman expected an Armageddon, it foreshadows the final battle between Magog and Superman.


  7. One can easily conclude that the Yahweh of the story kingdom come is superman. This is due to the fact that he is needed to protect the younger generation on earth from all evil. Shown in page 38 Wonder Woman begs superman to go down to earth and help protect the humans from the coming terrors saying “our generation leads from you”. This connects to the history of Jesus how he was sent down and was crucified to save all of us human beings. That is also shown by superman, in his action of going to earth and saving those people in need.
    At my job, my boss is quite religious and to add to that he’s a very politically aware. He knows the Bible inside and out and often speaks of when Jesus will return. Recently in metro Gloria in the Middle East there having been callings of the blessed mother sending messages through other humans that her son was coming back. And there is not a better time for Jesus to come down due to the candidates running this year for our presidency. There is without a doubt in my mind evil in both of them and they have the potential to ruin our country. We need someone to come save us and just last month in the Middle East the mother reached out and said that her son will come down soon. This is how superman will go down and help his home land. Our world is full of good and evil, and to fix it there has to be disagreement between both parties. Just like how the constitution was made. Just how the history of our descendants of Spain show there is disagreement between how things should be run and that’s where Norman expects armegdon, and someone has to fix it. In the real world, I’m very religious and I have faith that Jesus will soon come. In the story, superman goes down to everyone in need to help restore peace.


  8. The Yahweh in this chapter is superman. 10 years later after Superman decides to retire, a new generation takes the lead in crime fighting which leads to pulling apart Captain Atom, causing a nuclear explosion that completely destroyed Kansas.”Even before the bystanders freed themselves from the cable car, they knew. We all did. We… knew and remembered. He had not turned his back on us”. The civilians in the town still believe in superman’s returns whether he retired or died. With hope in kept, superman shows himself once again in order to save them from the threat.
    Superman overtime has become to be more similar to Jesus because they both were sent down to earth to do something for the greater good. Jesus died on the cross in order to accept the sins of men and is resurrected 3 days later, promising that he will return to earth one day. Superman has died when he engaged in battle with a seemingly unstoppable monster named Doomsday but returns from the dead to defeat the enemy that had killed him. In the comic “Kingdom come”, superman does not die but he has retired from his superhero days and Wonder Woman comes to convince Superman that he needs to come out of retirement to help the world. As the new heroes cause more destructions to the innocent than help, tram’s cables are cut, and Superman manages to save the day once more. This shows his return in hope that the world will be safe again.
    In the new testament, an Armageddon it is the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment. Norman expects an Armageddon because before Wesley Dodds dies, he starts seeing visions of the prophecy in which passes along to Norman. It is a battle between “New School” versus “Old School”. The new breed of superheroes unlike the old superheroes, they skip the justice system and kill their adversaries. When most of those adversaries are gone, there is nothing left for them to fight but each other. Innocent people begin losing their lives and this is when the old supers decide to step in. This is a way to restore what was once good into something even better. This is the queue for Superman’s return and reformation of the Justice League


  9. The Yahweh in the story is super man, he is the one who eventually will bring peace to the world. in page 31, the pastor saw the farmer man , and he said “the farmer looks familiar” and the angel respond to him ” he should… Through he is not if this world, he came to earth” as we know God is not from this earth, he came to save his people from sin, he came to give a second chance to those who have don’t evil things, God came to this world to teach us a lesson, a lesson that will correct us from our mistakes. Superman will fulfill these ideas of Jesus, superman will be one to bring peace to everyone in the story.
    Norman expect a Armageddon because he is a pastor and he knows the world of God very well, according to the New Testament, when the end of the world is near, destructive thing will happen, and the final battle will happen among God and evil. the pastor knows that the end is coming and he is aware that this prophecy it’s about to happen which is the end.


  10. In Kingdom Come, Superman is shown to be the “Yaweh” or God/Jesus. Wonder Woman goes out to seek Superman for help, she says “Listen to me damn it! I’ve come with news… from the outside. Bad news. its shaken the world. Kal, he’s out of control.” (page 34) This sounds as if Wonder Woman is desperate for help. Being desperate, Wonder Woman asks for help from a God: Superman.
    Superman and Jesus have a lot of similarities. For starters Superman’s real name, Kale-El, means “Voice of God” in Hebrew. Jesus was most definitely the voice of God. Also, just like Jesus, Superman came to Earth. Superman was sent by his Father just like God sent Jesus.
    Norman expects Armageddon because he received a prophecy from Wesley that foretells of a war caused by Seven Thunders or gods in this case.


  11. The Yahweh in the story is super man, he will bring peace to the world once again “I’m superman I can do anything” pg 33 this shows that he has the power to do whatever he wants.“ Kal please our generation takes its lead from you we always have”. this is another example of superman being Yahweh in the story because people look for god for guidance and in the story there seeking superman for guidance. Norman expects a Armageddon because he had a talk with Wesley before he died and Wesley was telling him what he sees with the visions he has been having “I see things Norman divine prophecies not nightmares” “seven thunders will utter their voices and it was givin unto to him to make war with the saints Babylon falls Norman be the one who listens to me” this is why Norman think theirs going to be a Armageddon


  12. The Yahweh of this story, Kingdom Come, would be Superman. On page 38, Diana (Wonder Woman), says “Kal, please. Our generation takes its lead from you. We always have. You must face this. If you don’t, neither will the rest of us… and it just goes on.” From this, we can see that Kal (Superman) was a leader, someone that people looked up to for inspiration who abandoned his life of work to pursue a happiness of his own. However, this is what makes him Yahweh because he come back to defend the safety of citizens. This goes back to the story of the second coming of Jesus. Jesus spreads good will and happiness through the land and later died with the promise of coming back to stop Satan from his evil way (the Rapture). At first, Superman defended the people of Metropolis from villains and danger, but then later left to be with himself. When he came back at the end of the chapter, it represented what would happen with the second coming of Jesus. Although, with the second of Jesus would come chaos and destruction. We could relate this back to the Armageddon that Norman was talking about because Superman coming back could be the start of something chaotic.


  13. In this story the Yahweh would be superman because on page 38 Wonder Woman states to superman “our generation takes its lead from you, we always have you must face this if you don’t neither will the rest of us.” This quote clearly shows that superman is the leader of the old heroes when Diana comes to him looking for guidance. The Yahweh is someone that has the leader role and people look at for guidance. The Yahweh is someone who also gives hope to people and you can see that when superman returns he gives hope to the civilians of the city. Superman and Jesus have a similar role in their stories, they are both seen as saviors for something that sins. Jesus sacrificed himself to save the humans from the sins that they made and Superman is about to commit something similar with coming out of retirement and sacrificing his life for the heroes that have committed sins. Norman except Armageddon to happen because he sees it as the natural order for the way to go. He thinks there will be peace but first a big battle must happen between evil and good.


  14. The Yahweh is Superman because Wonder Women tells superman “the generation takes its lead from you” .This shows that he is the leader of the group and shows him as the guide for the rest of the Justice league .He connects to Jesus because both are suppose to come back and save the earth .Superman leaves and comes back after ten years ,and now in Christianity or any major religion they believe that Jesus will comeback and save the earth .Both also connect when it comes to there leadership role and both coming back to sacrifice themselves for the people. Norman believes in Armageddon because he thinks like Jesus someone like superman should come and there will be war between the bad and good which would lead to peace.


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