American Lit. 9/8 – Death of a Salesman continued

Today we continued reading Death of a Salesman, making it to page 41 in class. At the end of class we journaled in our notebooks about Arthur Miller’s manipulation of time in the play:

How does the shifting of time hlep tell the story and show the character? Use the page #s 30-33, 35, and 40-41 to explain how these time shifts reveal something about one of the main themes of the play, the American Dream.


Superheroes – 9/8 Beowulf continued

Today we continued reading Beowulf in class, getting to line 650. We paused on Beowulf’s big speech on page 13 to address the following question:
–What are the values of the Danish and Geat societies, and where do we see these qualities in our hero, Beowulf?

*As always, use evidence from the text.

For homework:
Read the next two sections: The “The Feast” and “The Troll-Wife Avenges Grendel.” This will bring you to line 910. Here’s a pdf of the text: beowulf