Independent study project day 5 (Monday 4/11)

Comic book group

Get together with your group to talk about what you learned about superheroes and their alter egos. Why do we need an alter ego in order to have a successful superhero? Does this same premise extend to “bad guys”?

The next step is to start/finish reading your book so you can begin your final project. Depending on whether your final project is an essay or creating your own hero, I’ll have more specific stuff for you tomorrow.

Independent Research group:

Now that you’ve organized your research it’s time to outline. Follow my outline example (file: Making an Outline) to get moving on this. This is the last step before you start writing your essay.

Creative writing group:

Go over the 1, 2, and 3 levels of introspection found in non-fiction/memoir writing with Mr. Shulkin. Then for tomorrow read through the first half of “No Name Woman” (file: No Name Woman Kingston) and find two examples of each level. Write them down on a separate sheet of paper for review tomorrow.

Drama group:

Go over what you found when analyzing the “Streetcar” script. Begin working on your own adaptation.


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