Day 4 work

Comic Books/Superheroes

Read through an excerpt of Jeffrey Brown’s Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics and Their Fans about superheroes’ alter egos and secret identities. (Start at the second sentence of the first full paragraph.) On a sheet of paper (or typed) answer the following questions:

  1. Choose a superhero to study and explain how Brown’s analysis about our relationship with a superhero’s secret identity fits with your chosen hero (or doesn’t fit).
  2. What about heroes that don’t have secret identities? How could Brown’s ideas apply to them as well?


Independent Research group:

Now that you have your working thesis statement and five good sources (you still may need to find more!) it’s time to begin compiling evidence for an outline. Use the attached sheet to help your organize your good evidence into “chapters.”

Grouping evidence for outlining


Creative Writing group:

You’ll be working with me today as I explain to you Joseph Campbell’s idea of the monomyth. Once I’m done with that, take a look at this article by a writer who explains how you can fit this expansive hero journey into the form of a short story:

Mythpower in Short Stories

There’s a question to answer at the end for Monday.


Drama group

Look at the example script from the first few pages of “Streetcar Named Desire.” Read it not for content or story, but for structure. Answer the following questions:
-How does a script tell a story differently than a book or short story?
-What kind of information about characters or plot does Miller leave out of his script that you think would’ve appeared if this was written as a book?
-How does the author include descriptions of actor’s movements or what the scene and characters look like?


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