Day 3 work and Friday check-in reminder


Here’s today’s stuff and the stuff that’s due tomorrow:

Creative Writing group: 

You’ve now read four stories, each one where the plot has been spelled out for the reader either through narration (“The Conversation” and “How to Date a Brown Girl…”) or through character actions (“The Lottery” and In Cold Blood). Now, what about stories that are driven by dialogue? How do you develop characters who only reveal themselves through what they say?

Read through Ernest Hemingway’s very famous short story “Hills Like White Elephants – Ernest Hemingway,” which is a dialogue driven piece detailing a very passive-aggressive fight between an American couple waiting at a bar in a Spanish train station.

Once you’ve finished, cite specific pieces of dialogue – not the narration – which illustrate the couple’s frustration with each other. For each citation, explain what it shows about their personalities and/or the larger complex issue that they are arguing about. This should be at least half of a page.

For tomorrow’s check in, you should have prepared:
-Reflection #1 on “The Lottery”, “The Conversation” and In Cold Blood
-Your “ten minute” short story
-Your “How to Date a Brown Girl…” chart
-“Hills Like White Elephants” write up

Superhero group:

Day 4: As a group, discuss what you found out about the Hero’s Journey and it’s connection to a specific (super)hero. Where do the stages of the monomyth match up with the story of a famous hero?

Then, look at the reading about archetypes in stories. If the monomyth showed us a formula for structuring the cycle of a hero or a story, archetypes show us the basics of the character types we’re going to meet along the path of our hero’s journey. Work with your group to find examples of each character and story archetype. Mr. Shulkin will be there to talk over the stuff with you about half-way through class.

Here’s the pdf to work with: archetypesforliteraryanalysis

For Friday’s check-in:
-Archetypes sheet
-Writer’s Journey/Hero’s Journey comparison to a hero
-Connecting modern superhero’s to old legends/myths/folktales
-Answering the question “Where does Batman come from?” based on your reading from Supergods

Independent Research project:

Keep on truckin’. For tomorrow’s check-in:
-Working thesis statement
-The completed “reverse engineer a thesis” worksheet
-First reflection about your previous experiences writing research essays and how this one is going so far
-An annotated bibliography for two academic sources
-A total of five sources gathered (at least two from academic journals)

Drama group:

Once you’ve finished adapting “How to Date…” into a 1.5 script, read through Lindsay Price’s “Adapting a Play” (adapting-a-play). Write a one page reflection taking Price’s ideas and comparing them to your final product. Answer these questions:
-What did you do that Price says to do, and what did you do that she says not to do?
-Pick out three pieces of advice or quotes from Price that you will keep in mind when you adapt your own story into a script later on

For tomorrow’s check in:
-A completed adaptation of “How to Date…” for the stage (about 1.5 pages)
-Your one page reflection of Price’s “Adapting a Play”


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