Superhero/Comic book group

Day 3: The Hero’s Journey

Today, I want you to study the idea of the monomyth, a theory put forward by Joseph Campbell about the path of a hero that’s found in stories throughout human history.

Read pages 7 – 20 of Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey, which summarizes Campbell’s idea and relates it to a number of modern (or fairly modern) movies.

When you’re done reading, pick a superhero you’re studying (Batman, Superman, Iron Man, etc.) and relate 8 of Vogler’s/Campbell’s 12 stages to this superhero. I’m talking about generally – don’t pick a specific episode of a TV show, or a specific issue of comic, that’s going to be too little information to work with. A full-length movie would would, or the trajectory of a superhero’s life are better applied to this formula. Write it up for discussion on Thursday.

You can find a PDF of the book for today/tonight here:

Good luck!


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