Senior projects classwork day 1

Superhero group: 

Objective: Understand how modern superheroes come straight out of old folklore – some dating back thousands of years.

Classwork: See the connections between these modern superheroes and the folklore/legends and mythology that they came from. Go to this link for the material:

-John Henry/Steel (ask Shulkin for this one)
-Golem & The Hulk/The Thing
-Hippolyta/Amazons & Wonder Woman

Homework: Now that we’ve studied superheroes with clear connections to old stories, what about popular heroes without a clear connection to history? We’ll use Batman as an example.
-Read the Supergods selection on Batman and answer this one question: where does Batman come from? Use evidence from the source text as well as things you know from the comics, movies, tv shows, etc. This should be about a page due Monday.

Creative Writing group:

Read through short pieces of fiction and non-fiction, keeping in mind these central questions:

-What is the purpose of fiction? Why are people attracted to it?

-What is the purpose of non-fiction? Why are people attracted to it?

-What do these pieces of “good writing” all have in common, even if they seem very different from one another?

Pieces to read:
-“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson (fiction)
-“In Cold Blood” excerpt by Truman Capote (non-fiction)
-“The Conversation” by Jonathan Mitchell, Ed Herbstman and Melanie Hoopes
(Listen here: and follow along with a transcript here: (Scroll down))

Reflection #1 – For Monday, answer the questions above. Generally speaking, why are these pieces “successful” in terms of what fiction and non-fiction should do, and how can any parts of these pieces inform your own writing for the next month?



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