Seniors: Choose your last assignment

For those of you that missed class today, we chose our last unit of study before we begin your gateways at the beginning of May. Your options came from your cards you gave me as we wrapped up our discussion on V for Vendetta about a week ago.

These are the four categories:
-Creative writing
-Comic book/superhero study
-Independent research project/essay

Right now, I don’t really have many guidelines for these, which is why I had people in groups to figure out what this means for the next month. As I said in class today, choose the group you want to be in based on what interests you, not what you think will have more/less work or whether or not you want to work alone or in a group. All groups will have the same amount of work, and all groups will allow for independent or group final projects.

For Monday, choose your group and answer these questions: Project proposals and goals.  I know you don’t have all the info in front of you, but I’ll need your initial input to help me figure out how to set this up. Hand it to me on Monday.


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