Post-Socratic Seminar work


I haven’t updated the blog for a while — I didn’t know people were using it as a resource! I’ll get back in the habit of posting here.

I thought we had two really productive and insightful discussions yesterday on V for Vendetta. Here are a few comments I overheard that I found powerful, informative or just plain interesting:

“The hammer of justice is unisex.” -Gilberto
“V is the embodiment of his own ideals.” – Lucas
“She valued the rat because she wanted to leave.” -Jyselle
Evey is a “symbol of purity. V sees her as a protege, someone he can put his ideals on.” – Gilberto
Izayah made a connection between Evey’s (and maybe V’s) path to the Hero’s Journey. (
“It’s like Daft Punk – so people focus on the music.” – Johnny, on why V wears a mask and we never see his face
“Faces desensitize.” – Chhannida, on why V wears a mask
“‘Rebirth’ in a psychological sense.” – Lilly
“Is this a hand-me-down thing? Was there a ‘V’ before V?” – Karen

Some of these might not help you with the assignment, but they’re worth thinking about.

Remember, you’re typing one page (double spaced) on whether or not you think V’s actions towards Evey are justified. Just as much as you would the content, I want you focusing on writing clear and concise sentences. Don’t try to be wordy or use big words when simpler/smaller ones will do the job. Avoid unnecessary pronouns (it, he, she, they, you) and “to be” verbs (am, are, is, were, was, being). Use the evidence your seminar group discussed in your response, and/or feel free to bring in outside evidence as well.


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