Thursday/Friday work

In case anyone was gone Thursday or Friday, here’s what we did:
-Read 3.5 through 4.1
-Close read Macbeth’s idea of fate as compared to Hecate’s: Macbeth & Hecate on fate
-Worked in groups to answer the following four questions:
—What is the purpose of the apparitions/hallucinations? What do they tell Macbeth?
—How are we seeing Macbeth’s character change?
—Does 4.1 do anything to clarify fate and the supernatural’s role in the play?

Remember, we’ve got a socratic seminar on Monday and an in class essay exam on Tuesday, so take good notes especially around fate/supernatural occurrences and Macbeth’s true motivations for the throne.


Journalism – Friday work

Your writing prompt for today is this:
Now that we’ve finished our unit on ethics and mistakes, what have we learned about the job and values of being a journalist? Look over our work on ethical scenarios, the Rolling Stone article, Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass and explain how you as a journalist reporting on touchy subjects like your friends, your school and other people and places close to you, can avoid falling into the same traps as these journalists.

Here are the primary sources we’ve looked at during this unit:
Columbia report sections – Columbia Journalism School’s investigation of Rolling Stone
New York Times Blair correction
This American Life Retracts Story transcript
Ethical case studies

Make sure you’re citing real life examples and using quotes.