Pilgrimage project recap

Hey seniors,

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend and got a lot done in class Friday.

Just a recap of the assignment that’s due tomorrow:

General Prologue: This is the “introduction” to your group and each of the characters on your pilgrimage. It’s written in third person and explains where your destination is and who each of you are. You each should have 8-10 lines about who you are (written in 3rd person narration) and that describes your physical attributes and place in society.

Prologue to your tale: This is where you talk about yourself/character in 1st person. You set up a societal problem or moral issue (“greed is bad” or “don’t be a glutton” for example) and discuss how that relates to your character. Use the seven deadly sins for inspiration if you’re stuck on this. this is also 8-10 lines in aabbccddeeff rhyme scheme.

Your tale: this is again in 3rd person and is a story that exemplifies (remember the word “exemplum”?) the issue you brought up in your character’s prologue. The pardoner uses the story about the three thieves to show how greed kills. The wife of bath uses the story do the knight to show that women want sovereignty. The cleric uses Walter and Griselda to warn about subservience without reason. What characters can you use to show your moral issue? One route to go would be to write an allegorical tale about a societal,problem, like we saw with the Dr. Seuss books. This should be around 20 lines or so, aabbccddeeff.

Email all your stuff to your group leader today to have them format it and then send it to me as a whole. Group leader: email me tonight even if you’re missing some work so I can print it all off tomorrow morning and have it ready for class.

Good luck!

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