Tuesday night homework – Pardoner’s Prologue and Audrey Santo


Tonight/Wednesday night, take a look at the article from the Worcester Phoenix (The strange case of Audrey Santo) and compare it to the ideas in the Pardoner’s Prologue. (If you don’t have your book with you here’s a link to his prologue.

In a comment on this post address the following questions:

  1. Read through the Pardoner’s Prologue (not the tale). Where do you see evidence of the time period/context influencing what the Pardoner tells the group on this pilgrimage? Do you see any examples of irony or even hypocrisy in his comments?
  2. Compare/contrast the Santo family and the Pardoner. Does the Latin phrase “Radix malorum est cupiditas” apply to both the Pardoner and the Santo family?

As always, cite evidence from the text: (Chaucer p.#), (Barry p.#)