Seniors – The Wanderer poem

Hey seniors,

Nice work on the homework from over the weekend. If you haven’t yet posted a comment or handed me something then please still add comments to the post from Friday. I’ll start responding to them today.

Here’s a copy of the poem we worked on today, with the directions: The Wanderer.

For those of you in class, finish up the work from today and add your observations to the class writing we did at the beginning of the period today. You do not need to post anything online tonight. For those of you who are taking the course as an independent study (you know who you are) just do the three questions for homework and hand them to me tomorrow.

Any questions, just email me:

Good luck!



One thought on “Seniors – The Wanderer poem

  1. 1. The first section I would title it “God’s Mercy,” the second I would title it “Virtue of Man,” the third section would be “The Drifter,” the fourth would be “Man’s Arrogance,” fifth would be “Greed,” sixth would be “Warrior,” and the last section I would title it “God’s Grace.” They function as different “chapters” of the poem, because they have different ways that this person personifies the culture of the early Christians as well as the Vikings, who had a vastly different way of living that the Christians found strange.
    2. This poem is similar to “The Seafarer,” because they both talk about different time periods and cultures that relate back to the Vikings, who sailed regularly throughout the Atlantic for exploration and adventure. The Christians, had a different culture, settling into their houses praying to God and Jesus, trying to make an honest life, while the Vikings believed in Paganism (Norse Mythology) and drank while exploring new lands.
    3. The poems reflect on the lives of how the Vikings live as these warriors who loved adventure, drinking, and being heroes that they tried to live their lives full of adventure, heroism, and danger. However, a lot of them died from this sort of lifestyle, which calls from criticism from the Christians who mourn the Vikings for living so irresponsibly, with no regard for their lives or health. “The Seafarer” reflects on how the Vikings lived as well as how much he sacrificed so much to live his live enough for God to be proud.


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