From Mythology to Modern Day

Today we’re going to look at how old myths, folktales and legends became a few of the superheroes we know today. We’re going to study a few specific ones today: Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Shazam!/Captain Marvel and The Thing.

First, make sure your group reads the original myth, folktale or legend. Then read the comic version.

On a sheet of chart paper, compare/contrast the superhero to the original story.
1) First, explain whether or not this superhero comes from a myth, folktale or legend
2)Evaluate how much the modern day superhero resembles the myth/folktale/legendary character — talk about each one’s “super powers”
3) How has the superhero updated the myth/folktale/legendary character for a modern audience?
4) As other groups present, make sure you fill out your superhero/myth comparison chart.


Superman 1 Superman 2 Superman 3 Superman 4 Superman 5 Superman 6 Superman 7 Superman 8

The story of Moses



photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10 photo 11

Thor myth


Wonder Woman



Sensation Comics #1

WW Sensation Comics #1 page 1 WW Sensation Comics #1 page 2 WW Sensation Comics #1 page 3 WW Sensation Comics #1 page 4 WW Sensation Comics #1 page 5

All Star Comics #8

WW All Star Comics #8 page 1 WW All Star Comics #8 page 2 WW All Star Comics #8 page 3 WW All Star Comics #8 page 4 WW All Star Comics #8 page 5

Wonder Woman 101

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

The Thing

Rabbi Loeb and the Golem of Prague

Thing_01 Thing_02 Thing_05 Thing_08 Thing_09 Thing_10

Shazam!/Captain Marvel


Shazam1 Shazam2 Shazam3 Shazam4 Shazam5 Shazam6 Shazam7


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